It lays 3–7 eggs. Sugar Water, Fruit, Nut Pieces. Behavior can offer clues to identity as well. See Prothonotary Warbler Biology for more information on nesting behavior, nestboxes, monitoring, etc. CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Climate change contributes to gradually warming Aprils in southern Illinois, and at least one migratory bird species, the prothonotary warbler, is … Especially for the photographer.. Prothonotary Warbler. Hiss later testified to the same incident, causing many members to become convinced of the pair's acquaintance. Prothonotary Warblers are common in most types of bottomland hardwood forest on the lower Roanoke River in North Carolina (Sallabanks et al. [5] The prothonotary warbler is now the only species placed in the genus Protonotaria that was introduced in 1858 by the American naturalist Spencer Baird. The prothonotary warbler is the only eastern warbler to nest in tree cavities. Its beady black eye stands out on its solid yellow face. It is the only eastern warbler that nests in natural or artificial cavities, sometimes using old downy woodpecker holes. Only two other studies of Prothonotary Warbler breeding biology, other than anecdotal reports, have been published during this century. Incubation ranges from 12 to 14 days and is carried out by the female. var sc_project=965006; var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-129491-1"); Readily Eats. pageTracker._trackPageview(); Belly, undertail coverts, chest, flanks, and foreneck. The specific citrea is from Latin citreus meaning the colour "citrine". The norma], and probably the original, primitive, nestling sites are in natural cavities in trees and most nests are still to … The cavity is stuffed with mosses to form a nest cup. "'>"); //]]> document.write("
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