The Majesty Palm is characterized by tall stalks of bladed green foliage. Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging. Fertilize in the spring with a cacti/succulent fertilizer and bring into a brighter room for the summer months. hogs, otherwise leaves will yellow prematurely soap spray = 1-2 tbs liquid ivory soap per quart water Fertilizer with 15-5-15 (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) will work the best on the indoor palm plant. Homemade palm fertilizers don't provide enough nutrients, but you can fertilize with Epsom salts if they have lack magnesium. However, palm trees have high nutritional demands and the calciferous, sandy soil they’re normally grown in cannot always accommodate these needs. The Majesty Palm is a popular house plant. Your palm will thrive … Keep the soil moist --- not dry and not soggy. Majesty palm (Ravenea rivularis), or the majestic palm, is an elegant tropical palm tree plant with large feathery fronds that can grace any home.When grown indoors, containers limit the size of the Ravenea rivularis (majestic palm). One of the biggest challenges to keeping a majesty palm happy indoors is providing adequate humidity. Option #2: Easy button. palms usually need fertilizer in spring and fall. Pests Two of the most common pests for majesty palms are mealy bugs and spider mites. A majesty palm in dry soil will respond by turning brown at the tips and edges. Follow the simple recipe and you will be amazed at the results. In this regard, is a majesty palm a good indoor plant? By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Garden Expert Photograph courtesy of Costa Farms. Use a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplant use. With Instinct and N-Serve there’s a solution for a variety of fertilizer applications proven to help protect nitrogen the environment and yield potential. Happily, it's super easy to grow if you give it the right amount of light, water, humidity, and fertilizer. You can fertilize regularly for faster growth, or just a couple of times a year for slower growth -- it's up to you. Use an all-purpose, slow-release fertilizer, and don’t overdo it (too many nutrients will cause the foliage to spot). ... Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, as it may scorch the leaves. Unfertilized they will tend to grow at a slower pace. Fertilize your palm once a month with the slow-release fertilizer to maximize growth, or less often if you want to slow the growth down. Good humidity can help keep spider mites away. Not enough plant food is another reason why a Majesty palm gets yellow leaves. Choose one of the many palm foods on the market and apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions around the pre-watered root ball. 2)Fertilize the majesty palm with a slow releasing fertilizer twice during the growing season. Click to see full answer. Wipe the leaves with a rag. Best Soil For Majesty Palm. fertilizer = a diluted slow release fertilizer with micronutrients, i.e. If you’re not easily frustrated and really want to test your plant skills, you might want to give a majesty palm a try. What kind of fertilizer do you use on a palm tree? This home made palm tree fertilizer will greatly enhance the beauty and growth rate of palms in your landscape. Palm trees are planted as specimen plants for their exotic, tropical look. Grow Majesty Palms Like a Pro. A Majesty Palm requires a great deal of fertilizer. Majesty palms, or Ravenea Rivularis, are large inexpensive plants that look good when first purchased but often quickly decline. Why wait years to see that 3 to 5 gallon palm you've planted start to produce a beautiful canopy. To help establish your new Majestic/Majesty Palm, fertilize sparingly at least 6 inches away from the base, tri-annually with a slow time released product. 1 decade ago. The Majesty Palm originates from Madagascar. 10-inch Palm Majesty Creating a majestic tropical look in your home or office is very easily done with a Majesty Palm (majestic palm). Due to its tropical nature, Majesty Palms should be watered regularly and to maintain moist soil. Growing majesty palm successfully requires a careful balance of several factors: light, heat, and fertilizer. The Majesty Palm is a common houseplant. Use a fertilizer with a ratio of 3-1-3. 3)Place the palm in a location with partial shade. Humidity Water 1-3 times per week. Majesty palm, or Ravenea glauca, is most commonly sold in the United States as a houseplant. Dynamite from Home Depot. Majesty Palm is a type of tropical tree that requires a great amount of plant food or fertilizer. 0 0. lynda l. Lv 5. Remember: more fertilizer is not necessarily better. Although the plants do require quite a bit of effort and attention to detail in order to get the fronds to truly flourish, it is possible to grow beautiful palm specimens indoors in containers. Plants will scorch when they are provided too much light without enough fertilizer and water. But it’s going to be happy in a pot only for few years. Once Majesty Palm gets older it needs to be transplanted outside. Spread the fertilizer evenly over the root zone of the plant at a rate of 1.5 pounds of granular fertilizer for every 100 square feet of … You should feed your Majesty Palm every two to three months, usually in the spring and summer. Majesty Palms are hungry plants and should be fed twice a month with a balanced, liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength. Note: The heavy salts in cheaper fertilizers will damage the roots and possibly kill the tree. Pests: Pests such as spider mites, can be controlled by regularly fertilizing. It is a great floor plant that can quickly grow to 10 feet tall. Planted in a sunny location, the majesty palm … Dormant Palms do not need additional fertilizer. Over-fertilized plants which are grown in warm conditions will stretch out when not given enough light. If you use this recipe, make sure to start fertilizing your majesty palm within a few weeks of potting to provide it with nutrients. Feed your majesty palm regularly to maintain its lushness and prevent yellowing. In my experience, this palm seems to do well in a partially shaded area as well. While often marketed in stores as a "plant" in a pot, in its natural state, the majesty palm grows to 98 feet (30 meters) tall. Ravenea rivularis, the majestic palm, or majesty palm, is a species of tree in the family Arecaceae. Fertilize Palms only when they are actively growing in the spring and summer months. Majesty Palms do well in temperatures between 45-85 degrees. This plant grows slowly and thrives as long as you give it the right amount of light, humidity, water, and fertilizer. If you don’t want to make your own majesty palm soil from base components, you can also mix a few handfuls of peat moss into succulent or palm soil. >> Buy a majesty palm … Click here to read more about fertilizing palm trees. Although Majesty Palm is slow-growing, it should be re-potted each year to ensure continued growth. Fertilize majesty palm every three months during spring and summer, using a general-purpose, slow-release fertilizer according to the instructions on the label. Look for fertilizer formulations with a 3 … The majesty palm has long green fronds and it is a wonderful addition to your indoor décor. The tall green fronds of foliage make this plant a great addition to any room. One of the things I love about majesty palm is that it looks good everywhere. Use a fertilizer formulated for palm trees at the rate recommended on the package. It has certain requirements (such as lots of water, heavy feed and bright light/full sun), which makes it unsuitable for a house plant. Peters Classic 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer, 8-Ounce Price: $10.06 Click to Learn More | Buy from Amazon. Kentia is much better indoor plant. Fertilize majesty palm with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. A bathroom is a great location. During its growing state, you should fertilize the plant every two weeks or every month, depending on the palm… Majesty Palm has the ability to reach heights of 15 to 20 feet with the proper care. Queen palm , known botanically as Syagrus romanzoffiana, is a single-trunk palm that grows tall and straight, reaching up to 50 feet in height. The palm has upward-arching leaves divided into long, thin fingers. How do you fertilize a majesty palm? Also, learn when to fertilize palms, even in Florida. In the fall, you can feed less, and in the winter, you won’t need to fertilize at all. Pruning/Shaping: Majesty Palm typically doesn't require pruning or shaping to keep its good looks. The Majesty Palm (Ravenea Rivularis) is a beautiful palm that can do well if planted outdoors, especially on places such as south Florida. This palm adds beauty and class to any room. Bearing long green, regal fronds, this plant is perfect for gracing any indoor space. How to Grow Majesty Palm. Very easily maintained requiring bright indirect light. No matter how often you fertilize, follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging to ensure you're giving it the correct dose. Applications of granular slow-release fertilizer in spring and summer is also an option. Source(s): fertilize majesty palm: Milorganite is a great one, it is slow release good also for lawns and bushes and won't burn the plants. The majesty palm (Ravenia rivularis) is often grown as a houseplant, which is unfortunate as it doesn’t thrive in pots. No matter what your décor style is or what room you want to place it in, majesty palm has the right look and feel. The majesty palm, known botanically as Ravenea rivularis, is a popular houseplant which is identified by tall stalks of bladed green foliage.It is a large indoor plotted plant that grows fast, up to 10 feet tall. Majesty Palm Fertilizer for the fertilizer application A good compromise for Majesty Palm Fertilizer landscapes that include trees Fertilizer can also be classified by their solubility. Fertilize your Palm once a month during spring and summer with a general houseplant fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength. The Majesty Palm prefers medium light so keep within 5 to 8 feet of a window. This is a palm that is well-adapted to being planted in the landscape and should only be grown within its USDA hardiness zones (9b to 11). Feed a Majesty Palm every two weeks when the plant is actively growing with a balanced houseplant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. A common houseplant, majesty palm grows slowly, becoming larger and more elegant with time and care. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. What Kind Of Fertilizer For Majesty Palm. Proper Palm Placement: Keep your Majesty palm near a window. Fertilize majesty palms planted in the ground every two months between April and September, for a total of three applications per year. Majesty palms are micronutrient (Mg, Mn, etc.) Bearing long green, regal fronds, this pant is perfect for gracing any indoor space. You can also grow a potted majesty palm outdoors if you live in warm climates. Do not over feed your Majesty Palm. A slow-release fertilizer made for palm trees is best. Cold Injury; Palms require warm temperatures to thrive.