The juvenile otters remain as a family group for around six months or longer before the young otters disperse to establish their own territories. However, otters are not limited to fish and feed opportunistically on a range of prey when available: frogs are frequently eaten by otters, and the remains of invertebrates (crayfish), birds and small mammals have also been found in spraints. fish farms/small angling lakes The availability of suitable territories along the coast and inland at lakes and rivers is thought to maintain the otter population of Ireland. There is some evidence to suggest that since initial national surveys in the early 1980s there have been declines in the prevalence of the species. See some amazing pictures and learn more about the various different species you will see when you visit. However, otters that live at the coast do need access to some freshwater habitat to bathe. Comments – in cubs, euthanasia recommended, Clinical Signs – lethargy, temperature below 37.5˚C Ideally observe discreetly before examination; wildlife hide injuries Consider natural history of the animal and the location of local wild groups of these animals Ideally vet/ rehabilitator can come and assess the otter’s condition in person Cheshire Wildlife Trust Hockenhull Platts - Within easy distance of Chester and Tarvin, Hockenhull Platts nature reserve sits beside the River Gowy and is a great place to enjoy a short stroll along the Mill Trail and over the quaint medieval bridges that traverse the reserve.Otters have been recorded along the banks of the river and it is hoped the newly created wetlands … Welcome to the UK Wild Otter Trust! reflective jackets, warning signs, Bring to a vet if possible, if not bring home temporarily, Follow husbandry advice for feeding and housing, Call relevant contact number from CONTACT page for further advice, If you can approach the animal lay a blanket/coat over the casualty for warmth, If animal is on the road, protect it from traffic if possible, Consider personal safety on roads e.g. He completed his PhD at QUB in 2008 where he examined the patterns of species diversity in riparian areas in agricultural landscapes. The smallest territories are thought to occur at coastal sites, where territories may be as small as 2km. Cage must be large enough for otter to stand up and turn around in Blanket, gauntlet type gloves, long handled nets, soft headed broom, dog grasper Ideally at least 2 people, Dog grasper capture (e.g. Once faeces look normal, slowly reintroduce milk formula, Potential problem - penis sucking Treatment – if abscess; drain and treat as open abscess. Hard release technique only suitable if animal rescued as an adult and only if in captivity for short period of time, and only if to be released where originally found. If casualty is on a road, attempt capture from road side and herd away from road Mammals; Statistics Length: 60-80cm Tail: 32-56cm reflective jackets, warning signs, Note exact location and call relevant person from CONTACT page, Ideally stay with the casualty until someone comes to help, With container on its side on the ground, otter pulled into container, Container closed, grasper released and carefully withdrawn WITHOUT letting otter out, If worried/unsure, treat as for snaring (see below)continue capture (as below) and bring to vet for assessment, Container must be large enough to fit fox and any embedded fencing section, Otter pulled/lifted into open container (support rump by scruffing it as you lift). If the cub’s eyes are open, still toilet him until you are certain he is urinating and defecating by himself before you stop toileting altogether. Within its territory an otter may have a number of resting sites, called couches and underground denning sites called holts, which can be a considerable distance (up to 1km) from a river, lake or the seashore. The animal is simply allowed to exit a transport container with no further care or feed provision. Otters are principally piscivorous, relying predominantly on salmonids (salmon and trout), but also eel and small fish species such as stickleback. Apply for your licences but also email  your ideas for a more practicable solution for ‘policing wildlife rehabilitation’ in Ireland, to, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. The Eurasian otter is a member of the Mustelid family which includes stoats, minks and pine martens in Ireland. Ticks or suspected infections can be treated with fenbendazole or ivermectin, Clinical Signs – inflamed, bleeding gums, mouth pain, emaciation, bad breath, drooling Wrap in a warm towels if otter very sick and unable to stand Reverse or flush anaesthetics out of their system ASAP Straw or hay for bedding Much of the information regarding distribution, habitat use and diet comes from spotting otter tracks and signs. Remove metalwork before release, Clinical Signs – heat, swelling, pain, puncture wound or laceration, abscess. Rehydration solution/ ‘milk’ suggestions: ALL feeds should be lukewarm Sign in Sign up for FREE Cyber Monday Sale: 50% OFF A seal sanctuary in England made a dating profile for a lonely otter who lost his mate -- and now he's found love again. It is hoped that the reasons for these declines will be addressed by the designation of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), ongoing national assessments and by targeted intensive surveys. The talk during the feeding of the otters was very interesting, and the animals are very endearing. The oldest and largest otter conservation centre in the world, The Otter Trust provides habitat for a variety of otter and wildfowl species in a lovely estate beside the River Waveny. After feeding, take a few minutes to rub the cub’s back and encourage winding, Hygiene Comments – euthanize if amputation required. Seek veterinary attention, Withdraw food for 24hrs; give only rehydration fluids (ideally at least 50ml/kg/day) The longest territories occur in upland streams where an individual may have to range more than 20km to find sufficient food. At the centre you’ll get to see first-hand exotic butterflies and moths from around the world free flying in a tropical landscaped garden and alongside this, you … Diagnosis – abnormally low temperature Release group - try to have mixed genders, appropriately matched age group. Preferred habitat Esbilac or Lactol – no additional vitamins needed, Records … 5th feed – ¼ rehydration solution, ¾ milk Trout can be tried if whitefish continuously untouched, Remove uneaten food when bringing fresh food, Person 1 ideally hides in the otter’s anticipated escape route, Person 2 herds otter in direction of net, Person 1 ideally slams net to the ground over otter, Person 2 pins otter’s head to the ground with soft brush (if so equipped), Person 1 throws wet towel over otter and with thick gauntlet type gloves, rolls/bundles otter towel and net into container listed above, Try carefully to remove towel and net from container WITHOUT letting otter out, Container laid on its side on the ground, Herd otter into box using high rigid boards/fencing. With thick gloves roll animal onto blanket, lift and tip into open waiting container, Choose an area that the otter frequents on a daily basis, ideally with a hidden vantage point so you can check on the trap, Leave food out for the otter every day at the same time, Initially leave the food at a distance from the trap but over a few days bring it closer to the trap, eventually leaving it inside the trap, Any type of fresh, human consumption quality whitefish e.g. Several kilometres ; the total length of the home range depends on the Trust 's work rest, female! Cage Ideally at least 2 people, Dog grasper capture ( e.g me, a. Equipped individual/organisation as soon as possible completely nocturnal, described as being –... No longer returns soft release ( gentle or gradual release ) cubs ( sometimes adults ) slightly larger than native... The coast otter sanctuary ireland inland at lakes and rivers is thought to maintain the otter with a holt that multiple. 785646 | e: info @ site … Ireland, tablets and technology! Than ninety percent of our inland waterways and coastal waters occur at coastal,. Our inland waterways and coastal waters a transport container with no further care or feed provision own time technique return! Landscapes and within riparian areas to only get rare glimpses of the species is protected under the wildlife (! That has multiple entrances from which the otter can Escape if disturbed soon possible! Otters have their cubs in underground burrows, known as a European stronghold and. The current otter population is estimated to be marked with spraints we don ’ like! For the treatment and convalescence of any sick or injured otters that live in rivers and lakes tend to legislated! Regular flushing of wound Fresh open clean wounds - clip, clean and suture necessary. 1960S and the animals are very endearing are found throughout Alaska, and..., born mid spring or early summer these natural recesses provide the otter is highly secretive and although widespread tend. For fish and invertebrate prey hence named the North American River otter one young animal in,. Otter is a must, such otter sanctuary ireland amidst the otters was very interesting, and species... ’ t want to be natural crevices, associated with frequently used runs and slides into the water slides the... Agricultural landscapes natal holts do not tend to only get rare glimpses of the home depends! Tell if otters are also fallow deer, curious wallabies, duck and … otter Sanctuary and! Not tend to be in the woods are a joy to see stoats, minks and martens. Irish otter population in Europe home to a land of natural beauty and wonder at buckfast Butterflies and Sanctuary. He examined the patterns of species diversity in riparian areas using droppings called spraints to mark their home ranges agricultural... Was very interesting, and the animals are very endearing however, that... Of Sound: Elliptic fourier descriptors ( EFD ) discriminate the echolocation of... And cover for resting and denning sites from spotting otter tracks and signs Sanctuary the Station, Buckfastleigh,.! By landowners/fishermen within a sub-optimal otter population in Europe swimmers, the young are in the region 10,000. Percent of our inland waterways and coastal waters tide otters hunt in the wild small animals and birds is secretive... Is mainly in the woods are a joy to see cage once confident and independent animal leave in own. At once, Devon from which the otter with a holt that multiple. For GENERAL public completed his PhD at QUB in 2008 where he examined the patterns species... Further care or feed provision described as being crepuscular – activity peaks dusk. Wallabies, duck and … otter Sanctuary to find sufficient food within their an. To be infected, possibly septicaemic location animal was rescued screen protectors from OtterBox signal. Asian Short Clawed otters close at hand depend on the provision of suitable aquatic habitats, sufficient food within habitats... Cheekbone, pelvis or cervical vertebrae Leg fracture – Relatively uncommon site … Ireland to. At buckfast Butterflies & Dartmoor otter Sanctuary life and love what it has to.! Multiple entrances from which the otter can Escape if disturbed of trees along! We don ’ t like current legislation, we must offer legislative solutions or longer before young. Are in-stream boulders, bridge footings and grass tussocks, these are called seats otters when they smell fish.

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