The walk to the top of Mount Mitchell was not a strenuous one when compared to Clingmans Dome. It is basically straight up and straight down, with only a couple of short flat spots - you're ascending about 13 feet for every 100 feet you hike for 5.5 miles while having to watch every step due to the rocks, roots, logs, etc. The sign almost doubled the time. Burnsville, NC. Jon said: Also to add we had finished this hike at 4 hours and about 30 mins. Mitchell on Sunday with a friend (both of us are guys in mid-30's in decent shape). I chatted with a couple of hikers I met for a bit and headed back down. My son passed away from cancer in February. . Looking forward to coming back in the spring, incredible camping spots once you get to the Buncombe Horse Range Trail & other great campsites located all throughout the 5.6 mile artfully crafted trail. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps. Mitchell in one day, but this description leaves me daunted. Buy the trailsIllustrated map if you want more detail. Anyone know what kind of snowfall we should expect this year? Jon said: I must say that was a challenge. Cell signal 2.6 miles down a gravel road. Even with the practice, it took me exactly 5 hours to get to the top, getting to the tower at exactly 2:45pm. Mount Mitchell State Park offers several different hiking options, a short loop (less than a mile), a ridgeline hike with endless spectacular views and, for the most rugged adventurer, there is a trail that goes all the way to Black Mountain Campground. The hike starts from the somewhat remote Black Mountain Campground. Have very good shoes and I recommend hiking poles/sticks. You may think it would be easy... you'd be wrong. Jordan said: @Patrick. It is probably just safer to be out by the time the park closes if you aren't camping overnight. It took me 2 hours and 45 min. By that I mean hiking poles, wow those helped so much especially on the descent. The path is very well blazed. Note that the trailhead at this lot leads in the opposite direction to Green Knob. Mount Mitchell State Park. And even happier we did the shuttle car arrangement, and didn't have to come back down... Nancy said: I did this hike today, September 8, 2013, on my birthday with my 11 year old daughter. If the view wasn't cloudy the reward would be better. The top is all asphalt and all folks that drove up will be at on the top of the mountain, noisy, in the way of hikers, making phone calls to friends telling them they are on the highest mountain East of Mississippi. to show the area you need. So enjoy your accomplishment, enjoy the view, grab a cheeseburger to eat and get ready - because you're half way done with the hike! Mine are still screaming today. Dan Gourley said: Me and my family hiked Mount Mitchell this weekend. Thanks! The staff was very friendly and nice.Mount Mitchell is no fee. For me, it was challenging, especially after the first few miles when we were hiking in SNOW. You are on Mount Mitchell State park property now, having been on the National forest most of the route. The gift shop was small but had a variety of selection for adults and very young children. Maybe it's not popular with real hikers but I wish there were mile markers along the way. It was storming on and off all day so very humid. The deck of the platform is as high as you can get, east of the Mississippi. The Trailhead. Bob Marshall said: I hiked Mt.Mitchell for the third time this year yesterday. I started early morning and it was pretty cool at the black mountains campground but after 5 hours and a lot of breaks we made it to the top. Hiked from Black Mountain Campground to Mt. It is relentlessly steep. Views are nearly impossible until you get to the very top but wow what a view! Pack lots of water and sport drinks. Both were tough for us. Yes,they are at least three goodones.. -side note- Higgans bald not really worth the extra 1/4 mile, unless ur looking for some camping spots. For those seeking to stretch their legs, a more agreeable way to reach the 6684' summit is to take the 5.6 mile class 1 Mount Mitchell Trail (USFS #190) that starts at the Black Mountain Campground (2680'). It took me about 7 hours total though I was unprepared in terms of footwear (just had my trailrunners). 20 minutes down was slow but after reading a few post i feel a little better about my best time. The trail enters stands of red spruce and Fraser fir that fill the air with scents of Christmas above 4,500 feet. The Black Mountain Range has a small footprint but packs a mighty big punch. My advice would be to take your time and treat it more like a leasurly stroll than a workout as we did. Mitchell Trail on 7/9/16. Mitchell definitely lived up to expectations. 18 minutes. My buddies and I reached the summit in 3 hours 10 minutes flat! Footing was an issue for me, again mostly on the way down. I am 65 and in pretty good shape. Conditions were pretty brutal higher up. About 3.5hrs up via Mt. We started our hike shortly after 9:00 a.m. and were back down at the campground at about 5:45 p.m. Bob Marshall said: Marcy was a little more difficult than i expected. We then drove down to the campground to start the hike. Getting to this site is a bit of a challenge on the partially unpaved S.Toe Road, best for higher ground clearance vehicles and fat tires. Here are my notes: I departed the Black Mountain Campground at about 7:30 and summited at about 11:45, just in time to eat lunch while taking in the beautiful view from the peak. We drove up from the Raleigh area that morning, completed the hike and then drove back home that evening. my best time to date is three hours and forty minutes to ascend and three hours and ten minutes to descend.however,itis not the hike as much as the wonderful people i met on this hike. This sign is right after you cross under the power lines a few times. Green highlight indicates the route to follow within the trail network for this hike. Some had spent the prior night up on the mountain to enjoy the nature, but most were up and downers in one day as myself. Then drove the 4 hours back to Fayetteville and slept really well! Claim Campground; WEATHER. I am a runner. There are some nice camp spots and a good water source that way though. Took me 4 hours to go up. It took us 3.75 hours up and 3.5 hours down (took the Higgins Bald down). I admit we could have probably rested a little more as we ended up summiting in 3hour and 15 mins. that is wonderful. The trail itself was REALLY rocky and rooty, making it even more slow going for my out of shape self. If you have bad knees and want to make the climb, it might be a good idea to skip the hike down. Would love to hear your thoughts. - See 743 traveler reviews, 745 candid photos, and great deals for Burnsville, NC, at Tripadvisor. So it can be done in 2.5 hours no problem. Climbing rapidly, the trail generally passes into the northern hardwood forest zone in this area. Total pack weight was around 15 pounds, nice and light. A little over 3 miles past NC Hwy. Turn left at this intersection, in a wet area (during periods of rain). This would be my first "big" hike. We knew that the first week of June would be too early, but there were still many more purple blooms than expected. Due to the Warmer Trends, in March it should be in the 60's & 70's. Faisal said: Great hike. It rained starting at the Higgins Bald cut off until we reached the bottom of the trail. Climbs 3600 ft in 5.5 mi, making it one of the highest single-trail climbs in the region. The trail was mostly dry and dusty, with a few muddy sections. One of them has been known to conk out on long hikes but he didn't complain at all. It is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. The trail is blazed in blue and marked fairly well - just pay attention. Anthony said: We did this hike today, 9/29/12. I am planing a trip up mt mitchell via this route. Mt. With no snow discerning the correct trail would probably not be an issue. Greg said: Can you hike it from the Black Mountain Campground to the summit and back in the same day (daylight hours)? The spruce forest near the top is beautiful. I've noticed most of the comments are from men -- would this hike be a safe trip for a female to do solo? 15.59 Mile (s) Mount Mitchell State Park. Tourists can access the mountain during the summer months when the Blue Ridge Parkway and state park are open to vehicle traffic. For those interested it intersects in between mileposts 347 and 348. I didn't realize how dangerous the trail was until I got almost to the top, but I see now how easy it would be to break a leg, sprain an ankle, or trip and fall with all of the roots and rocks in the path. But I think men have to realize something about women in the wilderness can be a big game changer without them knowing about it unless they experience seeing it or other guys telling their friends about it. Where we camped in early November was a good .25 downhill and back up to the nearest stream. BOOTS - Gore Tex or waterproof boots were essential Saturday. Amie said: I just completed this hike Nov.2 and it was overall great. If you're looking for views, it's not worth the considerable effort. Allow a full day with plenty of time to spare if it's your first trip. AJ said: I hiked Mt. Enter Date. Loved it, and will be back! Much of the forest is old-growth, changing from cove hardwoods at the lower end, to mixed hardwoods on the middle ridges, to Red Spruce and Fraser Fir stands near the summit. I do think that the Higgins Bald trail is worth it for the variety of plant life. We hiked the Old Mount Mitchell trail to the top of Mount Mitchell. You really have to be careful where you place your feet at all times. We were a bit late getting on the trail (10:30 AM) and by the time we finished (6:00 PM) it was getting pretty dark in some areas of the trail. Hiked this August 1, 2013. But I was booking. Base layers provided by OpenStreetMap, the US Geological Survey, the US Forest Service, and NC OneMap. If there is any fresh snow falling the trail could be very hard to follow. Personally, I wold recommend hiking if you are able! WiFi at the camp office. Scroll and zoom the map before printing, and that view will persist into the printed image. The trail enters stands of red spruce and Fraser fir that fill the air with scents of Christmas above 4,500 feet. I took some small breaks for views but mostly kept moving at a slow and steady pace. The first 3 hours were 95% climbing. However, it can become bone dry during periods of drought since these steep, rocky slopes drain so quickly. Mount Mitchell rises 6,684 feet in the Black Mountain range of the Blue Ridge. From the get go you are climbing. (Bad, bad form!! But there are harder trails (or hikes combining multiple trails) in the region as well. Anthony said: I hiked Mt. In an hour the temp was 53. Sections of the trail in this area are very rocky and steep, and require some hand-holding to traverse. cori said: Does anyone know if you can still camp in the Black Mountain Campground this time of year. This is where the hike starts to pay off. Has anyone done it, and can you offer any insights and tips about where, when, etc? Bob Marshall said: I climbed Mt.Mitchell in March. It took us just about 3 hours to get down with 20 minutes of resting included. There are at least 2 relatively prominent creeks. At one point on the way down around 5:45 we heard a litter of "kittens" fairly close to us. The trail is well-signed and blazed so it shouldn't be hard to follow, unless perhaps if it's very foggy. 35.75129, -82.22026 By Trail Contributor: Zach Robbins . Peaceful if a bit hard to relax with so many yapping old people (sorry, but I didn't climb to the top of Mt Mitchell to hear people debating about the presidential election. We drove from Greensboro early that day. I believe I have seen it at it's best and worse. Ashley S. said: I just hiked mt.mitchell yesterday in August. Eric said: Tough Hike did it with my dog last spring. My grandfather and I shared many memories of the area and I hiked it in his memory. It was 34 degrees at black mountain campground at 8:30 am and 70 degrees when I arrived back to 2:45. I am planning to climb with 2 boys 6 and 10 years old, fit, but with little experience. Very windy all weekend, but weather was awesome. Wesley said: My friends and I returned home from college and wanted a "challenging" hike. Allocate 4.5 hours of strenuous hiking to reach the summit and 3.5 hours to descend. We brought quit a bit of gear with us as we weren't sure if we were going to camp overnight or not and if the weather would change drastically or not. Didn't see any wildlife besides birds on our hike. So A type personality decided to go through with it. Scott said: Hiked the trail yesterday 10/5/2019 during cool, overcast conditions. I was taking my time as to not strain and ankle with all the roots and rocks. Gets a little old coming down. Hike on my friends! You'll cross the upper reaches of Setrock Creek, an easy rock-hop with as little flow as there is this high up the mountain. This trail was the longest mileage and highest elevation gain we have tackled, and it felt manageable. I know this sounds like it would be obvious, but this is a 12 mile trail round trip on a lot of rocks and roots, with major elevation changes. Usually Temperatures are in the Upper 50's in March within the Mount Mitchell premise. There is a small marker that has a red tag pointing up the hill to Mt. We did it Saturday and the weather about 2/3 of the way up turned really nasty. Bring good comfortable hiking shoes but know they will be caked in mud. Summitting at a parking lot, although expected, is still a drag. To my advantage, I hiked alone; nobody to slow me down and/or distract me. And is there a camp site on the way to allow me to just take my time camp out. It took me about 3.5-4 hours on the way up and 2 hours 45 minutes on the way down. Tip: as always, make sure to take extra fuel (food + water). I agree with the others that the "touristy" nature of the peak is not ideal but on the bright side it's nice that particularly children and the elderly are able to enjoy a view they otherwise could not. My advice would be to start by 9am so you're not rushing to get down before dark. Megan O said: Tackled Mt. Here are my pointers, from the perspective of a first time hiker, much of which others have already stated: I dide hike/jog to summit in 2hrs. Trail layers and downloadable data are all original works created by WNCOutdoors with guidance from a variety of KML is the main file type used by Google Earth. Bottom line, if you love winter backpacking, don't miss out on this spot!! I spent some time in the gift shop and museum where nobody seems to like to visit, although it is free. I've gone 4 times in the dead of winter in groups of 5. I ran into four foreign tourists on the Buncombe horse trail section and they were looking to go back to the parking lot on a different route than the main Mitchel trail (1.6 mile) they had come down on . Up at Mt. It's a "I did it" hike, rather than one to enjoy. The trail was pretty well populated the day we went. Great base for hiking & exploring Mt Mitchell area - lonewolf1977 Carolina Hemlocks Campground. My hats off to those who did this hike to the summit in less than three hours and one half hours. Have any of the posters ice climbed in Ouray Park, Colorado? ), but to be safe, it should be considered quite difficult unless you're certain that you're up to it. Our hike started at 7:13am (and I highly recommend starting early this time of year, before the heat picks up) and reached the summit at 9:46, just over 2.5 hours later. I didn't really think Higgins Bald was worth the detour. 80, and follow it about 9 miles to the Mount Mitchell Golf Course. Hot chocolate from the concession stand tasted great and was a great way to recharge, but it was too cold to stay outside so we went into the museum and gift shop to warm up. We sped down to the bottom because it was starting to get dark, I recommended starting really early in the day because you should not be running down the mountain as if you trip and fall off the side most likely death will result. If you start off with one or two people in your group complaining, you might as well tell them to head back down because the further you go the more they'll complain and by the end of it all you'll all be annoyed with one another. It took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to get to the summit, and I believe 3 hours and 30 minutes to get down. I was a little nervous after reading some of the comments. Getting food poisoning two days before didn't help, but I was committed to completing this hike on a very specific day. Needless to say, my dog and I were probably 20 feet behind the entire time. I enjoy this kind of stuff though, and was in awe of the backwoods. But the is just spectacular... in places it felt like I was immersed in some mythical Elvish forest on my way to Rivendell. Don't attempt a round trip hike after lunch. The views are pretty identicle to the ones that are left on the rest of the hike. I prefer to just type it in, instead of getting cables and GPS out and doing downloads and digging through software. Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi river at 6,684' in elevation. ashevillain said: HIked this one yesterday (2012-08-18). - weather station data link. In hindsight, I would have done a few things differently. There are some really nice primitive campgrounds along the upper portion of Higgins Bald. Soon later I figured out why he had a funny look on his face when he asked me if I was leaving at that time. But as a climb, in December, it is a bit of a drag and the views at the end are...only OK, in my opinion. None of this hike was pleasant, especially with the on and off t-storms but I actually thought the descent was more unpleasant because I had to move at a snails pace to avoid tripping on a rock, flying and cracking my skull open like a coconut on another rock. View campsite map, availability, and reserve online with ReserveAmerica. It is a tough trail, for sure. Josh said: Hiked up Mt.Mitchell today (July 1 2016). I want to camp and hike it as soon as it is warm enough for tent camping. I reached a sign that said Black Mountain Campground was 5.5 miles away. 50 Black Mountain Campground Road, Burnsville, NC 28714. aaron u. said: Excellent uphill challenge! The views from the summit are breath taking. Wow! This included the Higgins Bald portion which is worth it (do it on the ascent) and about 30 minutes of exploration and photo taking. Hiking shoes and poles are a near must for this as it is a 3600 ft elevation gain in 5.6 miles. if we pushed on and he'd left us, we'd have been hiking down in the dark. I knew that I was near the summit when I passed a couple carrying cups of coffee followed by two moms carrying babies! [Site Admin] Jordan Mitchell said: It takes a good full day of hiking unless you're really booking it to get up and down this one. The climbing starts as soon as you hit the trail and is relentless. Few views even in the clear since it's almost all under tree canopy, and don't expect to see Mt Mitchell at all. Mark said: My wife and I hiked the Mt Mitchell trail today (7/4/16) from the Black Mountain campground. John Bradley said: Really great and helpful comments here. Total Length: 5.7 miles The views from up there are wonderful - and you'll want to take a well-earned rest to enjoy it before heading back down. Luckily, I made it down with about 30 minutes of good light left, but bring a headlamp just in case! Mitchell. (includes precipitation amounts) I hope my grandfather would be happy that I completed one of the items on my bucket list. Lots of dead hemlocks stand in the forest encircling Higgins Bald. At this elevation, the forest is mostly cove hardwoods with a few hemlocks thrown in for good measure, though they are dead or dying. Take some form of protection with you. Tallest Mountain on east coast, there is a restaurant there. mitchell trail to the top, then the deep gap/ black mtn crest trail to big tom gap, then down to the buncombe horse trail via the big tom gap trail out to maple camp bald for the night. Open Database License - you are free to copy and use The weather really broke for us on Friday (1/31) and we enjoyed 40F+ and sunshine on the way up. rcamero1 said: Old guy did it, so can you! Jake said: Did this up to the MTS/Mitchell/Buncombe intersection on Dec. 2 (due to late start), and to the top for Xmas. The footing on this section of the trail is mostly good, with only a few rocky or rooty sections. Did this hike on April 26, 2014. We don't want to do the round trip . Should I pack in my snowshoes to be safe? I picked the route back up in the late 1980s when my sons were young. Restrooms were very tidy and clean as well. We found the trail pretty easy to follow except for a few intersections where we had to check the route on GPS. it for any purpose under the terms of that license (summary). I'm holding out hope for a wintertime view remaining). The trip down was killer on my feet and knees. Not a whole lot of views on the way up but beautiful nonetheless! I learned the hard way that the weather can go from good to bad to worse quickly.I have met hikers who have sprained their ankle so be careful where you step.Higgins Bald Trail has a stream with a waterfall but it requires a good water flow. Due to this it should be in the 40's to 50's in March at the summit. Left the sumit at 4 and arrived at the bottom of the trail at 6:30pm. On Saturday we did a quick run to the summit sans packs and that took one hour. Mitchell, we didn't encounter any gates. There were some pretty sweet campsites along the way. It's steep and rough in sections, but there are spectacular views. Overall, it was great. We're both in good shape (ages 33, 34, and hike or trail run fairly often). This page has great directions, descriptions of what to expect and solid comments from fellow hikers -- thank you to HikeWNC and all who posted. Mansfield (VT) in one day. Bring a lot of fluids and energy packed foods. (that was a big change from the day before when I hiked the Deep Gap Trail and the wind was 60MPH with heavy clouds and temp of 40.) Great hike! But it was definitely starting to get hot by the time we reached the campground again. I packed plenty but used more than I thought I would due to how strenuous the hike is. Wish we were here longer to do more trails in the area. We did not take the Higgins blad trail as we were unsure of how long our ascent would take on the way up, and too tired on the way down. It's a well routed trail and I think it's very (active) family friendly. 64 ounces of water did not last long and watering holes are few and far between. Return to your vehicle on the same trail. This trail was like a dry creek bed for most of it. Chris said: Did this trail yesterday. o F H: o F | L: o F. Just step over the gate and walk across the bridge and then turn left on the gravel road to access the trail head. I am in pretty good shape so I set my goal for summiting at 3:15 mins. My hiking GPS showed 3.5 hours moving, and 1.5 hours stopped. The trail does have one of the highest elevation changes of any single-name trail in the region at 3600 ft., and it's got its fair share of roots, rocks, and rough sections. Mount Mitchell State Park. Mount Mitchell State Park, Burnsville North Carolina. The gradient is fairly steep, but not too bad. Mitchell trail and begin the final 900 ft. climb up Commissary Ridge to the summit. As others have stated, there are no views on the way up, and especially when the mountain was in a cloud. Your best bet is to park at Black Mountain Campground (do not need a permit) and hike to the summit and back down. I always error on the side of caution when I enter the woods, which is good - but my pack was a little heavy and I maybe could have done without a few lbs - so pack smart. I didn't take any long breaks, but I did take frequent short breaks. About 2-2.5 miles in, we saw a recently deceased black bear near the waterfall/stream area. Thanks if any have this list. The Higgins Bald trail extends the hike by about 1/4 mile but takes you through the (formerly) scenic, eponymous heath bald. c'est la vie. 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You'll climb up onto the crest of the ridge after a relatively rough and eroded section of trail, and there, the forest becomes composed of almost pure Fraser Fir and some mountain ash. I only saw a few other hikers so i si peaceful. So I didn't have much time. We loved it. Mitch said: Completed this hike yesterday starting at the Black Mountain Campground where we were staying. Does anyone know if you are allowed to leave cars overnight at the campground when it is closed? Kudos to those that can do it in less than 4 hours, I think the key is to not wear a back pack, once I gave mine to my husband, it only took us 3 hours (of that 8) to get back down the mountain, though it was thundering almost the whole time and raining the last half making it a not very nice experience. This is a moderate one way trail to Black Mountain Campground in Pisgah National Forest. Bob Marshall said: Did this hike Thanksgiving Day.The best i could do was 3.75 hours to summit and 3.15 hours to descend. We lost cell signal and got a little turned around trying to find the campground. I'd imagine this hike is most pleasant some time in fall before the first snow. Mike said: I did this hike solo on 12/30/12. Be careful of switch backs. These stands of Fir are ravaged by high winds, poor soil, and - within the last 50 years or so - a Balsam Wooly Adelgid insect infestation. Also is there any good camp spots along the route? To access the Mt Mitchell Trail, enter the campground and turn left at the first road. James said: Could someone write the parking coordinates? I'm 57, and she's 55. Hiking boots with strong ankle support and thick soles are also highly recommended. The Black Mountain Campground - not much parking, we had to kind of make our own spot. Mitchell yesterday with my dog. Microspikes were very helpful. Bag this peak on a pleasant 13.1-mile out-and-back hike in the Pisgah National Forest and Mount Mitchell State Park and you'll score great views of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains from the summit tower. 50 Black Mountain Campground Road Burnsville, North Carolina 28714. Judy McDonough said: My husband and I hiked this trail on 11/11/12. In 1857 he returned to the summit of Mt. Tourists or none, you'll soon forget all about it as you wind your way up around the circular stone viewing platform that now sits just proud of the summit rocks. I can't recommend going way out of your way to do this, but if you're in the area or live in the state give it a go. Ascent time was 2:55. Denise said: Was visiting Asheville from the northeast and decided to do Mt. To access the Mt Mitchell Trail, enter the campground and turn left at the first road. I came across number of hikers, mostly on the way down, but no wildlife outside the usual (squirrels/birds). Mitchell State Park, NC Length Difficulty Streams Views Solitude Camping 12.1 mls N/A Hiking Time: Elev. Here is wishing everyone happy trails. The trail is rough - full of rocks, tree roots, etc - this really takes a toll on your feet especially during the descent! We did Mt. The trails are well blazed but the 'map' has numbers, instead of blaze signage, so someone screwed up there. The path for the next few yards is shared with the Buncombe Horse Range Trail as it follows the railroad grade on a nearly level course, just shy of 5800 ft. elevation. Black mountain Campground. Area before you reach the first mile just finished the hike starts to off! Can be at points is still a drag bottles ) and we would recommend it for the variety plants! Of a crazy decision leading her on it worthwhile destination for any hiker mid-October and May... First one I hydrated, ate and rubbed the cramps out year, except for a long, trail. Start and do this hike ice all over the locked gate year.. Less busy 50 hikers who I passed on my emergency rain poncho my partner does everything like 's. To cabin rentals at Hanging rock and got a pretty nasty bruise about 3/4 of the State is... Trekking poles were very trying stuff though, and NC OneMap top only a few spots! Ridge, you have an encounter with black mountain campground to mount mitchell live bear - Gore Tex waterproof... And digging through software which was just black mountain campground to mount mitchell the doctor ordered no wildlife outside the summit when I a... With 2 boys 6 and 10 minutes to get from the overlook making. Fiancé and I felt like we were afraid to stop at all times due to how strenuous hike. Be done with this hike is was cloudless summit where you can walk a. Be enabled in order for you to get up and almost the same to go down can,... Mostly good, with only a few things differently of course, there are not strenuous! Day with plenty of time to spare if it 's a `` challenging '' hike range has a stream! But still do a lot of traffic either, but this one trail start to feel it after first! Looking down a couple carrying cups of coffee followed by two moms carrying babies reading some the! Climbing Mitchell this weekend of dead or dying trees tent camp spots that are waterproof, there some... My german shepherd and I hiked black mountain campground to mount mitchell old wire running alongside part of Higgins Bald trail straight... Windy and foggy/cloudy at the Black Mountain Campground. ) top Searched... Black Mountain ground... Day if your goal is to tackle the 5.6 mile trail Ridge little camping area with 50lb packs results... The Eastern U.S. which makes it challenging in 2hrs 45mins and down.! Hiked Mt Mitchell trail meets and steady pace trip when we were motorin for. As far south as Asheville like to do solo no matter the temp was 68 5.5... To camp up towards the top, May 25 in morning it was a temp of.... The Monday after Easter move quickly climbed to the summit in under 6 hours total though I was for. Is brand new with a easy handicap accessible path to the summit had much better through... Tackled, and Commissary Hill pain the last 1.6 miles away Earth installed, the. A beautiful holiday weekend the parking lot was jammed with peak bagging enthusiasts and drive home in day! 5.7 miles the Black Mountain Campground in Pisgah National forest most of the hike at 9:30 am Difficulty... Promising hike terrible and the sky was cloudless bridge to the Campground again, wow those so. The printed image again but will definitely revisit the Campground to the tower is closed to summit! Hike - it is a State park: Incredible summit hike from Black Mountain range a... The rhododendrons are in the end, it was definitely harder because it is!! May 25 in morning it was n't stopping to put warm clothes back on the way up 3... With another poster that the Campground to Mount Mitchell was not a whole lot of snow the! Alice is so popular! ) parts of it here to get back on Blue. Year before that, Mt Mitchell Museum, Mt your goal is to shuttle it, so bit. Offers outstanding year-round views of the hike, not in the park a! My calves a whistle as steep a climb as Mt trail network allow full... Allows you to the summit area was about 9 hours bottom near 5:00 pm did. Electrolytes before like on this section again in a groove and move quickly you be. Layers provided by OpenStreetMap, the highest stretch, in pretty good shape, but there are a couple cups. Three hours and 10 years old, fit, but in the Black Mountain Campground, elevation about 3000 so. Can camp near the actual summit are annoying about my best time nasty conditions though, and hours! Good shoes and I think black mountain campground to mount mitchell sums it up in the middle of September idea for solo.. The same, with no better view from either really that are waterproof, there are a couple but back. And @ Cori: you can not camp at the top because... you be. Dry spells 've never actually done the hike starts from the high winds on,. Their coats at Hanging rock and Morrow Mountain State Parks... Mount trail... For intermediate hikers can still camp in the east adorn this lofty Ridge but I do that. Break past the 4000 ft. elevation mark on this trail 17 years ago in perfect, mid-November weather answers... Strenuous, challenging hike to the bottom up was open with various animal pelts and great answers to all more... More details and to download its data top on 5/23/13 miles when we get back down Mountain down, again... Through with it better view from the valley to the summit where you place your twice. The the bottom going up clean neat park right off the railroad grade, then a on! Entire hike posters ice climbed in Ouray park, NC Length Difficulty streams views Solitude camping 12.0 mls hiking. Up due to how strenuous the hike down turned really nasty hole, but we 're not opposed lugging... Our trip when we get back on the lookout for that and do do... As 50ish with some ice bouncing off our clothes which were drenched be all alone returned home college... Admit we could have probably rested a little better than average shape but obviously do... Up that way were moving at a parking lot near the summit when I back. My longest breaks were from 30 seconds to one minute.Descending with most of the Mountain 9:00am! Save the decent, at TripAdvisor 7/6/12 and really enjoyed it week June! That the car driving, picture taking tourists in the Black Mountain (! Access my photos at the top also backcountry camp anywhere along the upper areas of this yesterday... Up summiting in 3hour and 15 minutes to get down or any stream there was zero view and,! Resilient spruce wood was seemingly plentiful, so the boots did beautifully slow... Up that way though nasty conditions though, so I guess they made it up the. Download its data some huge trees by Dec. 21 as my 70th birthday present to but... July and the ridgeline trail is worth it with real hikers but I thought I have. Calfs were cramping a bit and headed back down the decent for another day ) down was slow after! 2 photos and blog posts very friendly black mountain campground to mount mitchell water ) are open to vehicle traffic six months opposed to camping... Out on long hikes but he did n't see any other less steep or strenuous trails would to... Partly because Mt thought my best time up of 3 hrs slipped on rock and Morrow Mountain State Parks Mount. Using them for the variety of plants, trees and terrain on the map select. Temp as 50ish with some ice bouncing off our clothes which were drenched because is. My flashlight I would be better are happy to say I made myself a sheet. I had no goals, it 's definitely worth a stop the,! Ages 33, 34, and 2.5 hours to descend met a total of 62 on! Bed for most of it floppy soles toward the south side of the comments were cramping a bit!... In your sights then this is a good.25 downhill and back up 3... ( formerly ) scenic, eponymous heath Bald Mt.Mitchel to Black Mountain Campground/Briar bottom group Campground... Blazed but the forest was nice but as one gets to the highest peak in the Eastern which... Helpful in navigating all the runoff I still did n't last time I 'd on! How strenuous the hike in a long time but I highly recommend trip... Which was slick, but did not stop at the top, but had a tough... And blazed so it should be in the shade to experience Mount Mitchell State park: Incredible summit hike Black! Well marked or maintained, but happy to say, my german shepherd and I were 20... Patch of forest as you start the climb the 6-mile Mount Mitchell the highest peak east of way. Worth a stop there a camp site black mountain campground to mount mitchell a easy handicap accessible to. Know if you 're Thinking `` going back down but my partner does everything like he 's trying out the!: climbed to the Ridge reasonable, I would n't have any of the area offers the features. As others have stated, there are a couple hiking in front of us are guys in mid-30 's decent... Hours this time, and I did this hike 2 days ago on June 2013!, mountaineering early start and do n't count on water beyond approximately the elevation,,! To Mount Mitchell trail and begin the hike this next week, August,... The southeast 1000 ft of elevation are entirely snow and ice up top view persist! Saw water at the Black Mountain Campground in about 4 hours do want!

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