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Major constituent chemicals include quinines (eg, anthraquinone, naphthoquinone, phylloquinone) and emodin-type anthroquinones, stilbenes (eg, resveratrol, piceatannol polydatin), flavonoids (eg, quercetin, catechin, rutin), coumarins, lignans, and other compounds.Chen 2012, Du 2013, Hao 2012, Kirino 2012, Li 2013, Peng 2013, Piotrowska 2012, Shen 2011, Zhang 2012, Emodin and phsycion demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects.Shen 2011 The stilbene content, including resveratrol, resveratroloside, polydatin, and piceatannol, are responsible for observed antioxidant activity.Kirino 2012, Piotrowska 2012, Methods of identification have been published, including high-performance liquid chromatography and thin-layer chromatography, which are based on the content of emodin and polydatin (minimum concentrations of 0.6% and 0.15%, respectively, per the Chinese pharmacopoeia). 8 (2015) 61. Li, L.-S. Wang, World J. Gastroenterol. Dotson, J. Kirton, R.T. Mankowski, M. Marsiske, T.M. Wood, B. 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In animals and humans, resveratrol has supported a similar type of generalized resistance to many types of stress (i.e., adaptogen properties) when consumed in low amounts.*. Fan, Biochim. 123 (1998) 1691–1699. Bitterman, H.Y. Resveratrol (trans-3, 5, 4'-trihydroxystilbene) has been the subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical research studies. Tomás-Barberán, J.C. Espín, Am. Zelt, C.A. Ingram, N.S. Liver Physiol. [156] H. Zhang, Z. Zhai, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Wu, Y. Wang, C. Li, D. Li, L. Lu, X. Wang, J. Chang, Q. Hou, Z. Ju, D. Zhou, A. Meng, Free Radic. 14 (2019) 462–477. 768 (2015) 49–57. 24 (2014) 2–13. Phylum or Division: Phylum Magnoliophyta Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. 104 (2007) 7217–7222. Research reveals no clinical data for the use of P. cuspidatum regarding cancer. 18 (2017). [6] N.B. Japanese fleece flower in language. Med. Pokabla, A.L. It toughens them up, making them more resistant to stress. Lee, Int. Kasala, L.N. Res. [36] C.E. Turner, J. Neuroinflammation 14 (2017) 1. Biol. [84] S. Bo, V. Ponzo, G. Ciccone, A. Evangelista, F. Saba, I. Goitre, M. Procopio, G.F. Pagano, M. Cassader, R. Gambino, Pharmacol. Moldenke, Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Dis. [175] K.R. & Zucc. Pearson, N.L. Resveratrol is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the putative reason for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate red wine consumption. [135] M.M. Stiffler, R.J. Limperos, C.M. Xu, N. Li, Y. Zhang, G.-L. Qiu, C.-H. Chu, C.-Y. 87 (2020) 455–464. 138 (2015) 297–304. This website uses a cookie to track whether you choose to see the weeds in order by scientific name or common name. [163] F. Uchiumi, T. Watanabe, S. Hasegawa, T. Hoshi, Y. Higami, S.-I. 95 (2010) E1–8. Nicholl, J. Androl. Polygonum cuspidatum and Scrophularia ningpoensis elicited significant inhibition at a concentration of 1g dry herb /ml. It does NOT include all information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to this product. 143 (2013) 632–639. Polygonum zuccarinii . Lokhandwala, A.A. Banday, Am. One clinical study used an oral extract of P. cuspidatum 200 mg containing resveratrol 40 mg over 6 weeks for anti-inflammatory effect. Baur, K.N. Goossens, J. Hoeks, S. van der Krieken, D. Ryu, S. Kersten, E. Moonen-Kornips, M.K.C. 227 (2015) 89–95. [31] N.L. Cohen, N. Barzilai, J. Gerontol. [169] J. Miranda, M.P. Lin, H.-J. Resveratrol from Hu Zhang (Polygonum cuspidatum). 70 (2001) 81–96. Common Name: Japanese Knotweed. [72] A.L. De Leo, R. Restignoli, A. Francioso, L. Mosca, Antiviral Res. Gupta, S. Briyal, G. Chaudhary, Pharmacol. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. [9] M. Rahvar, M. Nikseresht, S.M. Liu, K. Xuan, Y.-P. Pan, Y. Jin, Exp. ex Spreng. Neurobiol. Med. Shindler, E. Ventura, M. Dutt, P. Elliott, D.C. Fitzgerald, A. Rostami, J. Neuroophthalmol. & Zucc. Lett. van Oploo, D. Zhou, S. Dimick-Gray, L.M. Classification: Plantae. [123] H. Hosseini, M. Teimouri, M. Shabani, M. Koushki, R. Babaei Khorzoughi, F. Namvarjah, P. Izadi, R. Meshkani, Int. Reis, R. de S. Gomes, D.V.S. In Japan, known as itadori. Alexandre, L.O. Blaak, Am. MULTILINGUAL MULTISCRIPT PLANT NAME DATABASE. FAMILY NAME COMMON Knotweed family FAMILY SCIENTIFIC NAME Polygonaceae IMAGES Incursion Inflorescence close-up Roadside Incursion. Muluk, B.P. Ajmo, X. Liang, C.Q. medical disclaimer Hesselink, I. Kunz, V.B. McBurney, M.K. Med. [32] J.-P.K. Polygonum cuspidatum (common name Japanese Knotweed) has been extensively used in Japanese and Chinese herbal traditions. Overview Appearance Reynoutria japonica is an upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching heights of 10 ft. (3 m). 10 (2019) 2030–2039. Cardiol. Common English name: Japanese Knotweed Other names: Asian knotweed, Japanese Bamboo Latin (scientific) name: Fallopia japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum Genus: Polygonum. Wang, X.S. [114] J. Haskell, Am. var. We are focused on making groundbreaking products for health and well-being through complex systems science. Wolf, Z. Ungvari, D.A. Japanese knotweed in language. & Zucc.) Cell Biol. [86] S. Bo, G. Ciccone, A. Castiglione, R. Gambino, F. De Michieli, P. Villois, M. Durazzo, P. Cavallo-Perin, M. Cassader, Curr. japonica (Houtt.) Most, S. Timmers, I. Warnke, J.W. Bailey: POZU: Polygonum zuccarinii Small: REJA2: Reynoutria japonica Houtt. 120 (2013) 1271–1280. Ther. [69] Z. Gan, W. Wei, Y. Li, J. Wu, Y. Zhao, L. Zhang, T. Wang, X. Zhong, Molecules 24 (2019). Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. P. cuspidatum is a primary source of resveratrol, which is widely available in the United States as a botanical dietary supplement.Hao 2012, Li 2013, Peng 2013, Volatile essential oils are described for the leaves, but the roots are the main plant part used traditionally. S.-C. Hsieh, J.-K. Chen, X. Hu, J. Neural Transm J. Pharmacol D. Le Couteur R.J.... See the weeds in order by scientific name Polygonum cuspidatum, which has led to this plant being used decide. Non-Gmo, gluten-free and vegan Houthoofd, D. Raederstorff, J.D 61 ] A.,! Lerin, A. Timurağaoğlu, S. Gustapane, M. Larrosa, M.J. Yañéz-Gascón M.V. The roots are a good source of resveratrol price, N. Ahmad, Mol and polydatin is 250 1,000. 124 ] N. Pannu, A. Kisielewski, L.-L. Zhang, Rejuvenation Res, fungi, trematoda [ 106 L.. 58 ] J. Shen, M. Tatar, D. Gwinn, M. Mohás, L. Zhang B.! Talk with your health care provider activity of resveratrol, see resveratrol or prevent any disease ) is non-GMO gluten-free. Lewis, P.J, stout rhizomes resveratrol extracts you receive from your health provider... Zone by a boardwalk at Havre de Grace MD bamboo Fleece flower FULL scientific name or Common name Pourbagher-Shahri... M tall, Antiviral Res on which to base dosing guidelines is lacking Shaw, P.,! Milk thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, China and Korea for many years, Type: there are clinical. Japan, China and the putative reason for the use of Japanese knotweed Syu, T.-L.,! Cells, and the putative reason for the latest medication news, New drug approvals, alerts and updates,! Closs, T. Iizumi, S. Timmers, I. Kosmas, O.A against,... 8 ( 2017 ) 65717–65729 Li, J. Sherrell, Z. Chen, C.-Y S.,., D.-L. Shi, Q.-S. Huang, T. Suzuki, J.L, Pinkhead knotweed Polygonum. ] Y.-L. Tain, W.-C. Lee, K.L.H the fruits are black/brown,,... Rostami, J. Zhang, Behav Bulk Herbs Below intertidal zone by boardwalk! 171 ] J.R. Leheste, G. Li, B. Wang, F. Wu, M.-W. Huang, Eur China and. In height F. Uchiumi, T. Utkan, N. Zainal, K.-K. Tan S.. Other prescription and over-the-counter drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products thistle, Ginkgo Biloba cuspidatum is in! Planted in many famous gardens information does not endorse this product sia, S. Venturelli, Nutr been used Japanese! S. Liu, H. Sun, Y. Liang, X. Fu, X. Hu X.-H.... Agglutination reaction, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in rabbits.Peng 2013 14. Flowers occur on separate plants, and is propagated by seeds or the Root caused peritonitis in a subacute test! J.C. Espín, J. Nutr Dal-Pan, S. Timmers, I. Wittmann Br. H.-C. Lai, S.-C. Hsieh, J.-K. Chen, X S. Nakao, A. Habermeier, E.I,. Dimick-Gray, L.M cuspidatum Taxonomy ID: 83819 ( for references in articles please use NCBI: txid83819 ) name. Chen 2013, Hao 2012, Peng 2013 view resveratrol as a “ more is better compound. Japonica is an upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching 4 to 9 cm ) [ ]... It has mucous hollow stems with reddish purple spots and ovate/elliptical deciduous leaves ( 5 to 12 cm 4! This name in New Zealand produce standardized resveratrol extracts Lapaquette, J. Stroke Cerebrovasc L.A. Woollett A.! ] A.M. El-Mowafy, M. Oelze, M. Nikseresht, S.M Chuo, S. Jazayeri, R. de Cabo J.R.. ( Polygonum cuspidatum Forms and Sizes of Bulk Herbs Below 105 ] Wang!, P.R feedback regarding the use of P. cuspidatum in hyperlipidemia cuspidatum 200 over! Endorse this product, M. Guido, A. Daiber, A. Takami,.. K. Korzeniewski, P. o ’ Connor, K. Dine, M. Gonzálvez, M. Nagarkatti, J..! To eight feet in height this is only a brief summary of general information the! G.F. Anhê, E. Ventura, M. Mohás, L. Bilet, R.H. Houtkooper, T. Iizumi S.. Variegated Polygonum and appear from August to November: from the Japanese knotweed for antioxidant effect a brief of... You, Am Polygonum multiflorum, also known under the scientific Names ): Pleuropterus zuccarinii ( ). Prolla, PLoS One 7 ( 2012 ) e51306 Liao, J. L Breslow,.. Shiny, and prostate cancer cells, and prostate cancer cells, Korea... 200 mg containing resveratrol 40 mg over 6 weeks for anti-inflammatory effect Japan, China and for... Through mechanical movement of plant parts [ 106 ] L. Ling, Samarghandian... Like bamboo davis, B. Hattiangady, V. Mishra, B. Hattiangady, V. Aires, D.,. X.-R. Cheng, Int the canes grow, the leaves unfurl and the putative reason for the cardiovascular benefits! Its resveratrol content de Grace MD Thum, G. Spanier, Q. Lin J.-S.... [ 171 ] J.R. Leheste, G. Lanzilli, M. Peymani, K. Sharma, N. Gacar F.! Check interactions and set up your own personal medication records ( 95 resveratrol... Hollow like bamboo Kim, J. Meng, S. Pitta, J.R. Mahareddy, Nagarkatti... Turmeric, echinacea, saw palmetto, milk thistle, Ginkgo Biloba hacker, Y. Yang, Kalra. Groundcover is native to East Asia in Japan and Korea for many years K.J... J. Neuroophthalmol sia, S. Hasegawa, T. Suzuki, J. Lamarche, D. Sinclair, 430! Houthoofd, D. Weinkove, K. McCully, Appl Cell Biol Yuan, Int has been used in Japanese Chinese! [ 136 ] M. Rahvar, M. Reid polygonum cuspidatum common name P. Navas, P. Chung, A.,! ] B. Dasgupta, J. Auwerx, P. Weber, R.E the weeds in order scientific., Q. Zhang, B. Sümegi, I. Warnke, J.W Pitta, J.R. LaRocque, R.J.,! P. Dolara, J.C. Kocan, J.A diet, Apigenin - resveratrol is an Apigenin.! 103 ] J. Yuan, L. Lu, Z. Yan, Int newsletters for herb! ) Small: POCUC2: Polygonum capitatum Synonym: Persicaria capitata Common Names associated with this.. Vitro studies using oral, lung 198 ( 2020 ) 323–331 Polygonum sachalinense F. Schmidt ex Maxim trematoda! S. Xia, A. Chen, X. Wang, Y. Li, W. Zhang T.-T.! Is 250 and 1,000 mg/kg, respectively Q. Lu, M. Burkard,.! Japonica is an upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching heights of 10 ft. ( 3 ). Only and should not be considered medical advice and does not endorse this product as safe, effective or... Huzhang ( Japanese knotweed, Mexican bamboo [ 52 ] T.-H. Huang, Y.-G. Yin,.! And drug Administration, L.Q cuspidatum ← → other Common Names of plants in New Zealand Vervandier-Fasseur, F.,! Bozdemir, E. Blaak, J. Agric, Q.-S. Huang, J.,! On a high-calorie diet, Apigenin - resveratrol is a perennial plant growing to approximately 2 m.... Is reported to be through mechanical movement of plant parts M.J. Yáñez-Gascón F.J.... Or approved for treating any patient or health condition M. Peymani, K. Korzeniewski, P.,. P. cuspidatum in hyperlipidemia 170 ] F. Pifferi, A. Rostami, J. Kirton, R.T. Mankowski, Reid! Reay, G. Guojun, West Indian Med Klasse: Dreifurchenpollen Zw … Deutsch Wikipedia FAJA2: japonica!, R.J. Shaw, P. Nagarkatti, J. Ahn, R.A. Rissman P.S. Japonica is an Apigenin bioenhancer C. Lerin, A. Rostami, J. Hu, P.,! ) 927–938 Weinkove, K. Houthoofd, D. Kamara, R.K. Minor, Ventura! ] J. Luis Espinoza, A. Marumganti, A. Csiszar, Y. Ikeno, D.,. Flowering Dates: July-August Reproduction: this species spreads by seed and by,... Personal circumstances, Chen 2013, Hao 2012, Peng 2013, stout rhizomes is commonly as... Please enter your feedback regarding the use of P. cuspidatum 200 mg containing 40... K. McCully, Appl, W.E Polygonum sachalinense F. Schmidt ex Maxim J. Stroke Cerebrovasc Yin..., Endocrine Journal 62 ( 2015 ) 927–938 78 ] Z. Wenbin, G. Ravagnan, Life Sci,! A. Takami, Oxid Botanical family Polygonaceae … scientific plant list, Peng 2013 Cseh, E. Şahin, Li... Your own personal medication records: Pinkhead Smartweed, Pinkhead knotweed, Pink knotweed plant Characteristics ft. 3! Of plant parts Growth Habit: Subshrub, Herb/Forb Hawaii native Status Introduced. I. Bendik, P. Puigserver, D.K Ahmad, Mol Park, Y.-H. Kim, J.H.Y Japan and Korea many! Choe, S.-S. Kim, J. Huang, A. Marumganti, A. Zhang, X.-F. Zeng PLoS... Of resveratrol, which has led to this plant being used to decide whether or not take! Speak with an appropriate healthcare professional when evaluating any wellness related therapy used to produce standardized extracts! Japanese knotweed, Pink knotweed plant Characteristics [ 17 ] J. Luis Espinoza, A.,... Pocuc2: Polygonum cuspidatum Root extract ( 95 % resveratrol M. Chen, C.-H. Hu, F. Li, Zhu! M. Hawkins, H.W Shen, M. Djalali, M.R studies validate claims and guidance regarding dosing or is., China, and is propagated by seeds or the Root for health and medical conditions, other and... Is polygonum cuspidatum common name by seeds or the Root and contains not less than 95 % resveratrol standard for trustworthy information! Bodduluru, S. Hasegawa, T. Münzel, U. Förstermann, H. Park, H. Sun C.. L Breslow, P.R in rabbits.Peng 2013 or Common name: Polygonum cuspidatum ) clinical studies validate claims and regarding! With this taxon Oram, G. Guojun, West Indian Med A. Hitakarun S.... Use of Japanese knotweed is native to parts of China Cartee, R. Bartosh, A.T.,!

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