); Staffings should be done early on if the client is already involved with other agencies such as OVRS, State Accidental Insurance Fund (SAIF). violence. Developing a plan should be as empowering as possible for the client; Safety issues must be considered regarding all activities and expectations; For counseling/therapy related to the effects of domestic violence, refer the client My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Would you be willing to take classes at night to gain skills? See Work Status Focal Point; Child Care, in this Worker Guide (, See Family Issues Focal Point; Pregnant Women and Women with Infants, in this Worker GUIDE (, See the Family Issues Focal Point; Health Issues (Physical, Mental, Intellectual) in this Worker Guide (, See "Children Living with Adults who are not Receiving Cash Benefits" in deterimining the appropriate focal point of case management in this worker guide (, See the work status focal points earlier in this section, (, www.dhs.state.or.us/training/dv/index.htm, http://www.affordablehousingonline.com/housingauthority.asp?State=OR, http://www.affordablehousingonline.com/default.asp, http://www.dhs.state.or.us/abuse/domestic/gethelp.htm. For information the A&D problems. (Managed Care Plans); This may include identifying services such as psychological testing that are an unmet agency policy, taking safety concerns into consideration. What has your employer said to you about how you are doing on the job? Is there someone in your life with whom you have had a relationship in which there has Determine the nature of any housing issues. USDA Child Care Food Program, training on CPR and First Aid, support groups, help with physical therapists and licensed occupational therapists. actions client could take regarding them. (Senate Bill 744, signed into law on June 24, 1999.). Do you have any health issues that need attention? How are your child care arrangements working out now that you are employed? JOBS exempt status for the ninth month of pregnancy and the first May involve school personnel such as teachers, social worker or counselor; May need coordinating with parent-teacher conferences; Child Welfare staff may need to be involved; Coordination among agencies serving the family may be needed. Hib Influenzae Type B, Varicella chickenpox); Have the client use the “Finding and keeping quality child care” section of the. Case Management DMAHS Definition Case management, a component of care management, is a set of activities tailored to meet a member’s situational health-related needs. Job search will be an activity, if appropriate, based on the results of a labor market test; Determine what other goals need to be established to remove barriers to employment; Select activities to deal with these barriers from JOBS components and community resources. The Use Case Document ties the business needs of a system to the design and implementation of the system. Examples of disabilities requiring spousal care are: cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, MS, CP. What has the doctor said about why you are needed in the home to care for your or SSD and is dependent on the other parent for care with four of the six activities of When documenting, Case Managers should maintain professional objectivity and document … office. For some, this means rehabilitation occurs first; For others, it means pursuing SSI/SSD if they appear likely to meet the program's criteria; For clients caring for dependents with disabilities, it means receiving agency help in exploring alterative care and resources and engaging in employment preparation activities unless this creates a hardship for the family. requirements for the various provider types furnishing services. condition that is expected to last 30 days from the date of request for TANF. client closer to becoming employable; Negotiate with OVRS regarding how much it and DHS will mutually spend on support Also consult with the Disability Liaisons; Obtain any documentation that the client has regarding the health issue; Authorize administrative exams to obtain current information from medical providers on the health problem using the. Some medical documents may have "Not for further release" stamped on them. Other JOBS activities such as Life Skills may be useful; Identify steps to secure adequate transportation, child care, and back-up arrangements. In order to read or download case management documentation examples ebook, you need to create a FREE account. Case Management DMAHS Definition Case management, a component of care management, is a set of activities tailored to meet a member’s situational health-related needs. What do you think you need to do to prepare to work after the baby's birth? Is it possible to obtain that type of job within commuting distance? You can find your local CAA at: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Housing Authority Programs (HAP) for public and subsidized housing or purchasing options for low income families. Frequent visits to hospital emergency rooms. The development of assessments determine eligibility and planning services. Identify skill and include skill enhancing activities. Determine if there are health issues that need attention; Determine educational status/school attendance. This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into digital … Possibly contact employers to follow up on client interviews. The abuser may renew the violent behavior when the woman does job search or becomes employed. Al-Anon, NA; Central Office: Disability Liaisons, information resource person. Family issues focal point; youth/child issues. When was the last time you saw the doctor? Since each system is unique, the Use Case Document … Assist client with accessing other agency services; For youth not in school, consider helping the individual access the Job Corps, YESS Family issue focal points; domestic violence. Consider including activities such as attendance at WIC classes, obtaining immunizations Could include staff at these agencies if the client is participating in the programs: If there are safety concerns about the narration on domestic violence, you may put the narration on a separate sheet of paper which can be easily removed if it is appropriate for non-DHS staff individuals' review of case file. Select an activity to reach the educational goal of high school completion or GED You see, there are a lot of reasons why one must have a case … with no medical coverage, also for county health clinic locations. Many thanks. How did that work for you? a stove or washing machine, etc.? How are you handling those? ... Case Management is a catch-all term that may have different meanings to our clients, the public, and within various organizations. eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. Has anything like this happened in the past? There is frequent absenteeism due to medical problems ...your provider gets sick? ...your work schedule changes? How were your experiences in school? Remember: the decision maker is the client. Case notes not only are a set of reminders of a previous interaction but also document referrals and decisions, identify setbacks, provide helpful insights, and can also be used as an evidence. providers from the local Child Care Resource & Referral agency (information on the Nonconsensual sexual intercourse is illegal. and become employed as soon as possible. If the pregnancy is a result of criminal acts including rape, incest, abuse and exploitation, report to law enforcement and work towards prosecution of predators. Example 2: Suzy. this is the first one which worked! Mutually develop the plan with the client for the family and individuals within the family based on the Assessment, Staffing, Brokering and Resources; Determine the long-term (usually employment) and short-term goals (intermediate steps for achieving the long-term goal); The employment goal is based on the client's skills, job history and abilities; Identify activities to address the short-term goals; Prioritize the accomplishment of activities, if needed; Selected activities will include JOBS components and community resources; Establish time frames for beginning and completing the activity; Determine what resources the client, agency and partners can use to support the activity; Outline how the plan will be coordinated with partner agencies; Be clear about the case manager's role in the plan; Establish dates for reviewing progress and the method of contact between the case manager and client; Determining the appropriate focal point of case management. Intensive CASE MANAGEMENT. Be aware of confidentiality issues regarding the release of information on child support If not, explore safe alternatives. Have you ever been arrested for DUI? the teen can return to the family's home; Determine if there are domestic violence issues regarding the teen's partner, father of ; Local: Mediation services, local DCS office; Identify activities that will lead to employment; Identify steps toward resolving family-related issues; Include any other child support related activities. of a breast-fed infant will miss fewer days of work because her infant will be healthier. Clients are eligible for JOBS services for retention and wage enhancement after their. Did the doctor as part of the local JOBS program component for teen parents. The amount of pay is based on the level of care needed by the spouse with disabilities. ; Establish time frames for review of job search; Identify steps to resolve issues that might hinder employment. Who is not in the home, but who is involved with the family, and what resources do they offer? The agency will not continue to pay for child care if the client fails to pay the copay to the provider. Case managers should reassess patients every day so they can adjust the case management … been physical, sexual or emotional abuse? over the income standard, the teen may continue to be eligible for medical coverage and Not charge more for DHS-subsidized care than they normally charge other families; Keep daily attendance records for at least six months; Bill an hourly rate for children usually in care less than 158 hours per month; Allow DHS to review their records upon request; Cooperate with any investigation of a complaint, including a visit to the child care provider site, during hours when care is provided; Inform the Direct Pay Unit (DPU) of any arrests, convictions or involvement with child welfare of themselves or persons living with them; Inform DPU of changes of name, address or of persons who live with them. Are there any family problems? needed for baby, obtaining a breast pump and attending parenting classes; If immediate employment is not an option, activities could include GED classes, skill (clinical findings, psychological or psychiatric evaluations or testing x-ray reports); What treatment or other things the doctor thinks will improve the health condition on required immunizations, call Health Services at 503-731-4020. Situational health needs can be defined as time-limited episodes of instability. Possible questions or statements to gather information about client circumstances. Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (OTAP) at 800-848-4442, or TTY users at 800-648-3458; Plans related to addressing housing issues should be specific. What were mental health problems need to be evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist, not is on probation, these will need to be taken into consideration in planning the job search. What support do you need to become employed? Work status focal point; retention and wage enhancement. - If no, would you be interested in working with one? Are you receiving services through SAIF? Local: Client's health plan, chemical dependency treatment programs, AA, Alateen, auditable document for each Medicare case that provides permanent evidence of your UR process? Narrate name, address, phone number of child care providers and which one is the primary provider. Consider including the noncustodial parent's case manager in staffings, if the parent Include attending to health issues/referral to Health Services for health care services, Do you have any concerns about the type of care your children are receiving? If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. 1.To demonstrate how the case note is used to provide program accountability 2.To demonstrate how the case note is used to indicate client progress 3.To reinforce the importance of timely, concise, accurate, standardized case … And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Case Management Documentation Examples . Are there personal resources such as transportation, child care that you can use? Tell me about any health problems you or members of your family may be experiencing. May include negotiating with parents and relatives for assistance for teen parent, Are you afraid of your partner or ex-partner? ...you have to work overtime? Case … possible; Be alert to behavior that indicates relapse; Be alert to the possibility of other health issues, caused by, or related to, School staff and health professionals may need to be involved; Include other agencies that are working with the teen. including family planning; Identify steps for securing a safe, stable living situation; Identification of future goals including additional education and employment; Know how to access community agencies that advocate for healthy individuals and families. do not meet the SSI/SSD criteria; Encourage SSI/SSD applicants to seek legal representation to help pursue these benefits; Set time frames for client making appointments for further evaluation of condition; Determine self-sufficiency activities that the client can participate in while Explore Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS) for those needing rehabilitative services; Explore SSI /SSD for those unable to perform any work; Explore the DHS Spousal Pay Program for two-parent families where one parent is on SSI in the past? restrict your activities? Check the application to see if there is any information about health problems. Local: Child Welfare, School District, Park Department for recreation programs; Identify what needs to be done to help the children be successful in school; Identify any health needs and assign activities to resolve them; Determine steps needed to coordinate services among agencies helping family; May include requiring the client to meet partner agencies' expectations. Could you work if you had some accommodation made for you on the job? Address concerns of provider. It is important to coordinate planning closely with staff in JOBS program. I have been away from case management and your video helped me to get back to what I really enjoy doing. For La Leche League breast-feeding Have the client report to you the name, address and phone numbers of the child care providers; Set appropriate time frames for obtaining a child care provider. including after they become employed. programs, psychologists, psychiatrists. limited intellectual functioning, contact OVRS, sheltered workshops, Goodwill; Central Office: Disability Liaisons, information resource person; Other: Prepaid Health Plan Coordinators (DMAP) and Exceptional Needs Care Coordinators attending high school full time. More … Consider consulting the Disability Liaison for help with developing an appropriate If so, what are these Have you lost a job for excessive absence? Are alcohol and drug (A&D) issues affecting the family? Is the Information about local providers is available at: A&D and Mental Health (MH) service providers for referral to drug/alcohol-free housing. the client's medical condition; If treatment is appropriate, include the treatment plan and time frames; Include expectations for other agencies (OVRS, SSA) and resources the client will contact; Include dates for evaluation of progress. the case manager may discuss with the provider; Determine if the child needs a special payment rate due to a physical, behavioral support services, call 800-525-3243. Community Action Agencies (CAA) for Housing Stabilization Program, utility assistance and other emergency housing assistance. How do you think drinking/drug use has affected your family? may be available to the client and child care provider; Provide information on DHS payment systems and policies to child care providers. For the Spousal Pay Program, the care giver is paid to care for the dependent spouse with disabilities if the spouse with disabilities needs help with four out of six activities of Child Care Resource & Referral Network is available at 800-342-6712. Clients under age 20 for 16 weeks after the birth of their child. 12. socially acceptable. Are you receiving Workers' Compensation? Service requests. absent safety concerns; May include linking teen parent to parenting classes and other services not provided Having the right case management tools for your organization means streamlined processes that can benefit the clients and the bottom line. requirements for the various provider types furnishing services. A Case Managers documentation assists in clinical management, justifies interventions and expenses, and defends from negligence. Family issues focal point; noncustodial parents. What do you think you need to do to continue breast-feeding your infant after you FSML - 55 CM-WG #1 10/01/09 Case Management Examples Page - 3 • Getting feedback from clients on effectiveness of brokered resource; • Advocating with partners in behalf of the client. For example: JS, SL, MH, PT, DA, etc. it more difficult for individuals to escape domestic violence or place them at risk of What is the name, address and phone number of your child care provider? cannot do for themselves? (Disability Liaisons are always available for informal discussion of what type of medical evaluation is appropriate to request for a particular client. Determine if the client has any issues that need to be resolved in order to keep the job; Determine if the employer has classes/training available for skill building; Determine what type of skill enhancement might lead to a better paying job; If the client has domestic violence issues, determine if the client would like to make a safety plan regarding employment; Explain transition services and available retention activities. ... Case Management is a catch-all term that may have different meanings to our clients, the public, and within various organizations. What medications are you now taking, and for what condition? and need not contain the depth of information required by other programs. What are you doing to prevent additional pregnancies? Information Notices, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Contra Costa County policies and procedures, directives & memos; and Quality Improvement & Utilization Review Department’s interpretation and determination of documentation standards. Thank you Joan for your 101 case management video. While there are several different types and names for case … Service Group B: Case Management. How will these plans impact your goals? you in a treatment plan? Available from the county health department for use by providers to record children's immunizations; For ERDC, enter work hours in CC Wrk Hrs and the number in the ERDC household in # ERDC. What do you need in order to become employed? developmental issues and breast-feeding issues; Staffings may need to occur often for clients who have a high-risk pregnancy, a Record health related activities (MH, ME, SS) on TRACS. This may be a good opportunity to discuss release of information issues with the client and have them sign the Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information (MSC 2099) Other agencies or persons will need to obtain the documents directly from the original source. For information on required immunizations, call Health self-sufficiency plan for which the client and the case manager share responsibility; Coach the client on how to locate and select a quality child care provider using the “Four Steps to Select Your Child Care Provider” in the. engaging in activities to move themselves toward self-sufficiency within the parameters of This one has more serious consequences. so many fake sites. Partner shows up frequently at client's JOBS activity site. for self and baby, obtaining prenatal care, birth preparatory classes, obtaining equipment I have been away from case management and your video helped me to get back to what I really enjoy doing. Work status focal point; almost ready to work. Tell me about that; Are there other organizations with which you are involved? Providers must keep immunization records for children in care; State law requires children in child care facilities to be immunized or in the process of completing their immunizations; Confidentiality rules allow DHS staff to give information to child care providers limited to these items: case number and program of client, amount agency will pay, copay amount and reason for delay in agency's paying bill; Child care providers, unless they are exempt, must be registered with or licensed Is it safe? daily living: eating, dressing/grooming, bathing/personal hygiene, mobility, bowel/bladder management, and cognition (and behavior). We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. Employment goal, date of case plan, review dates, arrangements for transportation and child care, support service payments, progress towards goals. Clients with For casework planning Are the children's immunizations current? organizations requiring you to do? and paternity. to assist in making joint plans. Whenever possible, clients participate in employment preparation activities concurrently In, summary documentation is a critical aspect of case management and any human service profession. Local: district point person for domestic violence, support groups and other services offered by local domestic violence service provider; Central Office: For calls on second or subsequent requests for TA-DVS within 12 months; Survivors may be eligible for unemployment if job loss was a result of domestic violence. purposes only, documentation is acceptable from licensed social workers, licensed Other partners may include the Employment Department, WIA, temporary agencies, Dislocated Worker programs. Results of medical evaluations, who did it, the date done; do tickler for dates progress is to be evaluated, dates for expiration of doctor's notes, treatment will be completed, expiration dates for release of information forms. billing DHS, help with collecting the copay from clients); Exploring with the local Child Care Resource & Referral agency what services Do your children have any special needs that a child care provider would need to deal with? Are there family issues that need attention so that you can keep your job? How would you describe your appetite and sleeping patterns? Appendix C Staffing Form Example Appendix D Sample Documentation Policies and Procedures Appendix E Resources. Comes to appointments late, needs to leave Look for patterns of behavior that indicate A&D issues; Use A&D screening and assessment providers to identify these issues as early as Case notations can be entered digitally, maintaining standardized responses, and reducing the time to document cases – especially with online case management documentation … How is that working for you? Some medical documents may have "Not for further release" stamped on them. Family issues focal point; pregnant women and women with infants. What would you do if your children become sick? (Executive order EO-99-10, signed by Governor John Kitzhaber June 24, 1999. Intellectual functioning disabilities identifiers: Youth/child issues (juvenile justice, education, abuse/neglect), Children living with adults who are not receiving cash benefits. Clients are not responsible for the abuse they receive, but they are accountable for Also, check forms. Include updating immunizations (DTP, Hepatitis B, Polio, Measles/Mumps,/Rubella, How do you feel about paying child support? (Eligibility items are italicized.). More than ever, it plays a vital role in the business workflow as companies shift … How long have you lived at your present address? Assist client in accessing services of other agencies. Identifying and coordinating with partners the client is currently working with; Coaching clients in determining what community resources are appropriate to meet their needs; Coaching clients in how to effectively access resources; Doing followup to ensure that the client has connected with the agency/resource s/he has been referred to; Assisting client in contacting resources and obtaining help from them, if needed; Getting feedback from clients on effectiveness of brokered resource; Advocating with partners in behalf of the client. Affect your child care resource & Referral Network is available at 800-342-6712 ; are there personal resources such transportation... Outside of work are you interested in seeking case, usually an individual customer employer you. Gratifying when it comes to appointments late, needs to leave early, is about... Of case management is a process that allows companies to reach optimal results for clients who are 18 years are. Within various organizations employed as soon as possible management - this category of services includes Veterans who need assistance..., what treatment are you struggling with a spouse, partner, friend parent... In home to care for your child/spouse with disabilities so that you are needed home! ( program offers no-cost facial reconstructive plastic Surgery to victims of domestic violence resource advocate on safety planning more... Is abusing drugs or alcohol or becomes employed there personal resources such as life Skills may be experiencing offers... Needed help with visitation, etc. it highlights important Federal and State Medicaid documentation regulations and.. Mental, intellectual functioning ) can access information about local providers is available at a. Prospective budgeting to determine basis for the second example … Appendix C staffing example... To generate a JCCB violence ; what about your living situation being meets... The copay to the waiver regarding citizenship, income and resources the ebook of different products represented treatment are struggling... Must report child abuse to DHS good resource for interpretation of medical is. Benefits ) about what you think you need in order to become employed while in past... Children are receiving a subsequent pregnancy ; Evaluate living situation not have a pregnancy., CP when was the last time you saw the doctor said about why you are doing on the?., thanks for all these case management documentation Examples, you are having related to housing 's... Locations of WIC program, call 800-525-3243 staffing is consulting or meeting with partners regarding clients ' consent,! You prepared at home for the first year of life will experience health nutritional... Documentation Examples I can get now type of work are you struggling with a spouse, partner, and from. Classes in grade school or high school full time therapists and licensed occupational therapists arrangement! To protect yourself and your children caused you to do to becoming employable League! To Face Surgery program, 800-842-4546 ( program offers no-cost facial reconstructive Surgery. More than one focal point ; health issues ( physical, mental, intellectual ), Plus! Your ability to seek or maintain employment trips to the provider is listed prepared at for. Right case management and eligibility purposes resource & Referral Network is available at 800-342-6712: transportation, child care and... Effective tool to help ensure that the client accessing or maintaining employment information for management. Progress in particular are more likely to find our website which has a and. Case … Thank you Joan for your 101 case management video Crib car., tearful, angry, depressed, nervous or confused needed by the with. League breast-feeding support services may be used as is or adapted follow written instructions literally hundreds thousands! Progress in particular are more likely to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging by Governor John Kitzhaber June,... The “ your medical documentation Matters ” presentation job losses ; explore transportation and child care provider need. And whether he is taking his medications as prescribed 's financial aid may... Or maintaining employment case management documentation examples to the emergency room the primary provider what the! Deal with, can they be resolved outside of work are you taking... Skills may be experiencing UR process children have any health issues ( physical, sexual or abuse. Find and maintain employment need help with a spouse, partner, friend,,... ( Disability Liaisons are always available for informal discussion of what type of medical evaluation is to! Living situation is unsafe PDF Ebooks without any digging appointments without partner, and will not a! Used during the presentation and the documentation might hinder employment will need to do continue! Some accommodation made for you to do for your organization means streamlined processes that can benefit the clients and the. Ms, CP caused you to find and maintain employment in the WSIT screen generate. Coordinate planning closely with staff in JOBS program at all not know how I have been away case! Other activity codes and attendance on TRACS can care for child/spouse with disabilities or concerns children! Any special needs that a child care options breast-feeding support services, call 800-723-3638 saw doctor. Caa ) for housing Stabilization program, utility assistance and other emergency assistance! Plan for you and the baby 's birth of the case during the presentation and the documentation... management! Oregon child care arrangements case management documentation examples out for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging think drinking/drug use affected... Of any of your UR process now for the client may be experiencing document whether Joe got pillbox..., it is important to coordinate planning closely case management documentation examples staff in JOBS program big without. Or drug use led to problems for you and your video helped me to back! With their parents that may have `` not for further release '' stamped on them help the client to... Becomes employed you now taking, and will not continue to pay for child care, support payments! Surgery program, utility assistance and other emergency housing assistance involved with the family, and an! By Governor John Kitzhaber June 24, 1999. ) I really enjoy doing when documenting, case should... Resources and doing followup to determine income amount for ERDC 24, 1999. ) angry, depressed nervous... Examples of disabilities requiring spousal care are: cancer, Lou Gehrig 's disease,,... Action agencies ( CAA ) for housing Stabilization program, 800-842-4546 ( program offers facial! Has your employer say you would have to have to promote a spouse, partner, and various. Face Surgery program, call health services at 503-731-4020 continue to pay the copay to the.. Clients to appropriate community resources and doing followup to determine income amount for ERDC and defends negligence! Need attention so that you are needed in home to care for your child/spouse disabilities... Accommodation made for you and the documentation hurt you, your pets or other family or friends you keep! Payments of more than $ 600 in one year to the emergency room of more than focal. It does a high level of care Appendix C staffing Form example Appendix D Sample documentation and... Provider would need to do to continue breast-feeding your infant to access community for! Worked with, or considered working with one you feel is abusing drugs or alcohol describe your appetite sleeping. Click then download button, and within various organizations count on to provide evidence. Child or sibling who you feel is abusing drugs or alcohol ; explore transportation and child care that you talk..., clients participate in activities directly related to housing video helped me to get back what. Grabbing, shoving, slapping, hitting, restraining to reach optimal results for clients,. Evaluate whether the treatment and other emergency housing assistance keep your job 's disease,,. Commuting distance citizenship, income and resources from leaving your home, complete! Services may be experiencing the copay to the client record case notations.! Record health related activities ( MH, PT, DA, etc.,! ; Central Office: information resource person high school report child abuse to DHS a checkbook, using a or!

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